Gerry StringerRegency Court

As we come towards the conclusion of our first six months in partnership with Venture Block Management I am pleased to record the very successful bond that has been established between our two organisations.

The prime task was to reestablish our financial position which had slipped somewhat in the transition from our previous managing agents.

Director,Lee Willaims, took personal charge of restoring this situation which he has done very successfully. His liason with the on site teams carrying out maintenance, gardening, caretaking/security and cleaning duties has been seamless.

Response to emergency situations has been swift and successful utilising the above staff to effect repairs or manage sensitive situations. The standard of the services provided has not gone unnoticed by our residents as well as the management company.

The provision of management information, both financial and general is much improved and allows decisions to be taken regarding future projects knowing that these can be contained within the budgets with the finance we have available. We feel that our choice of new managing agents has been vindicated and that the initial success of this partnership will continue to develop in the future.

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