At Venture, we understand that block management is a 24-hour responsibility, so we are available whenever you need us and are not a ‘9 to 5’ organisation.

If required, we can provide 24-hour call-out for issues arising outside of normal working hours. Unlike most companies, we will not pass you through to a call centre or customer service department; instead everyone you speak to at Venture will be familiar with your site and its requirements. We appreciate that informed decisions depend on prior site knowledge and this is what Venture’s specialist approach provides for you.

At Venture, we understand that each site is different, as are the needs of your residents. That’s why we don’t take a generalised approach to block management but instead tailor our services to suit you. And of course, we will always liaise with you and discuss your block management needs in advance of any instruction.

At Venture, clients can expect:

  • Annual forecasting – the setting of annual budgets, expenditure controls and income analysis. We pride ourselves on the importance of ensuring budgets are 100% accurate to avoid deficit charges at the year-end.
  • Regular meetings – we recognise the need to meet with residents’ management committees and residents on a regular basis and we are more than happy to organise and chair meetings, and provide minutes and agreed action points. However, if you have your own meeting style then we are equally happy to work to your framework.
  • Company secretarial duties – we represent residents’ management committees regarding company secretarial duties, should the directors not wish to do this themselves.
  • Snapshots – we are more than happy to provide easy-to-understand periodic snapshots of financial performance throughout the year, in order to keep you informed and in control of the financial performance of the site.

We recognise that some clients will be happy to delegate all responsibilities, while others will wish to oversee certain responsibilities themselves. Whatever your requirements, discuss them with us and we will tailor our services to suit you.

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